Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Online Idenity" Wikipedia

This article provides an obviously very encyclopedic approach to the topic of online identities, but I think it's important to mention that it does not meet Wikipedia quality standards. Upon my further exploration, it seems that the article fails to meet the requirements solely based on citation, linking, and footnote standards, which however important, I don't believe take away from the content of the article. After briefly defining online identity, and its subcategories, such as reputation management, laws and rights, markets, and various uses, the article goes on to describe complications that may arise due to the autonomy of online identities. Particularly applicable here was the section about 'Online Office Hours,' which 'provided a list of purposed problems with such education processes.' I found it interesting that many of the problems we discussed in class about our portion on online courses, were talked about within this section. I am therefore particularly grateful that our professors chose some more reasonable solutions than, fore say using a web cam to provide the lacking visual communication. Another example of a complication I found interesting was that of the Dateline special that targeted online sexual predators. I actually saw two episodes of this special, which I found very compelling. Most of the men apprehended were in a position that, upon being arrested for their actions, caused serious personal complications. For example, many were married or in serious relationships, and one man even held an authoritative position within a religious group. As far as this articles relation to my designing a web page of my own, it offered a black and white view as to what I can create using an online identity.

"Online Identity." Wikipedia. 2007. 24 Jan. 2007. -

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